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Alto Sax - Solid Silver

A9937Alto Sax - Solid Silver


The 9937 model features a sterling silver body, bell, bow and neck with beautiful hand engraving to all parts including the keys & the crook. This instrument is truly a work of art, and sounds just as special as it looks.

Alto 90* and 99* series models have now been replaced with the WO series models. Please refer to the AWO1/AWO2/AWO10/AWO20/AW030/AWO37 for Yanagisawa's current Alto saxophone range.

Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Sterling Silver
Bow: Sterling Silver
Bell: Sterling Silver
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Sterling Silver
Neck Type: Detachable Neck
Case: Leatherette Covered, Woodshell

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