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New 'Yany BooStar' Saxophone Tone Enhancement

New 'Yany BooStar' Saxophone Tone Enhancement

Posted: Tuesday, 06 April 2021

Yanagisawa Saxophones UK have announced the launch of new additions to their ‘Yany BooStar’ series with Gold-Plated and Pink Gold-Plated models.

The Yany BooStar is an innovative neck screw accessory that adds mass to the crucial connection between the neck and the bore of saxophones, allowing players to customise their saxophone voice with flexible connection options. The BooStar increases instrument responsiveness and delivers an exciting new tonal palette, whilst also enhancing resonance.

Previously available in un-plated finishes only, the new Gold-Plated and Pink Gold-Plated Yany BooStar models open the door further to new tonal and playing experiences for saxophonists. The Gold-Plated BooStar offers richer tonal harmonics and depth while players seeking a mellower tone can look to the Pink Gold-Plated model.

When installed, the Yany BooStar also allows players to set just the right amount of resistance and achieve smoother breath control. Horns have more tonal focus and volume in all registers. Different combinations of the three screws in the BooStar set facilitate changes in tonal quality and the playing experience, enabling saxophonists to adjust accordingly for different musical genres and settings.

Jazz Saxophonist Matt Telfer states, “The high notes on my alto became thicker and rounder and the low note on my tenor became easier to play. I was able to achieve many variations with the different finishes. Definitely an investment for anyone wanting to fine tune their sound.”

Available to fit Yanagisawa / Selmer or Yamaha saxophones of all types from soprano to baritone, the new Yany BooStar Gold-Plated and Pink Gold-Plated models have a retail price of £98.50 and are available to buy now from authorised Yanagisawa dealers in the UK & Ireland. Find your nearest dealer HERE