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Music For All charity help young saxophonist Lily achieve her Yanagisawa dream.

Music For All charity help young saxophonist Lily achieve her Yanagisawa dream.

Posted: Wednesday, 07 September 2016

Music industry charity Music For All have recently teamed up with woodwind retailers Woodwind & Reed and the Music Industries Association (MIA) to help a talented young saxophonist achieve her vision of playing her dream Yanagisawa Saxophone. 

Lily and her mother recently applied to Music For All for a grant to help Lily buy the Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone she needed to fulfil her potential as a young aspiring musician. Playing for 3 years, Lily has already shown outstanding talent and potential having achieved her Grade 5 in Saxophone and become a student at Academy East Music School. She also plays regularly in the Colchester Parachute Regiment and Colchester Band Stand. 

Challenging family circumstances have made Lily’s development as a musician particularly difficult and have meant she has not had access to a saxophone capable of showcasing her talents fully. That is now a thing of the past thanks to the support of Music For All. 

Music For All are a UK based charity who offer financial and developmental support to many people who are not in the fortunate position to independently discover and nurture their musical interests. They provide access to musical instruments and are able to support and encourage the learning process through a schedule of Learn to Play events nationwide that are regularly endorsed by celebrity ambassadors that includes choral animateur, singer and presenter Gareth Malone OBE. Gareth states, “I was very lucky to grow up in a house full of singing which made me the musician I am today.  Without having a piano in our house, that I could play at any time, I wouldn’t be working in music now. The work that ‘Music for All’ do is very important in helping the next generation of musicians realise their potential.”

Thanks to the work of Music For All and its associated partners, Lily is now the proud owner of a Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto Saxophone.