Alto Sax - Brass
Alto Sax - Brass Alto Sax - Brass Alto Sax - Brass Alto Sax - Brass

AWO1Alto Sax - Brass

MRSP: £3,745.00

AW01 - Professional Model. The upgraded replacement for the legendary A901 series, this AWO1 brass model is suited just as well to aspiring beginners as to experienced professionals. It has a strong tonal core thanks to a re-engineered bore and toneholes, plus many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key.

Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Brass
Bow: Brass
Bell: Brass
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Brass
Neck Type: Detachable Neck
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

Bell Arm Keys

Single ArmYanagisawa's single arms used on the bell keys are extremely strong and have proved reliable for many years. Higher-End models can benefit from double arm bell keys.

Bell Brace

Balanced Tri-Point BraceThe bell and body are firmly linked by a three-point, balanced brace which ensures structural resiliance and firm resonance, even when fortissimo is sought.

Bell Key Buffer

Metal AdjustableThe buffers used on the bell keys are metal - and therefore offer increased longevity and accuracy over plastic - and are fully adjustable. This means the aperture of the bell toneholes are within your control.

Bore and Tone Holes

WO Series Bore and Tone HolesIn Yanagisawa's desire to constantly innovate, all new WO series saxophones have a newly engineered bore and toneholes. This helps achieve a smoother blow and even more precise intonation.

Brass / Material

WO Series Brass MaterialThe WO series saxophones benefit from a newly designed, newly engineered and specially sourced brass material for improved sound and sonority.

C# - Bb Keys

C# - Bb Rocking KeyThe C# and Bb keys have a rocking table / see-saw mechanism that allows for optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches.


WO1 / WO2 Style Hand EngravedYanagisawa WO1 and WO2 series saxophones now feature a uniquely styled, hand engraved pattern.

F Auxiliary Key

F-Auxiliary KeyThis mechanism fitted to the F-Aux key ensures a proper seal of the pads when playing in the low ranges of the saxophone.

Front F Key

WO Series Redesigned front F KeyThe Front F key on WO series saxophones has been redesigned to further improve the ease of fingering.

Key Decoration

White Shell LiningA player's fingers will rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shell also enhances the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the player's fingers from slipping during technical passages.

Key Work Mounting

Body MountedThe standard design for most regular saxes, the keys are mounted directly to the saxophone body.


Ebonite MouthpiecesEbonite mouthpieces are favoured for their warm tone and ability to fit into an ensemble seamlessly. However, as players discover their own voice, switching to another style of mouthpiece can open up a whole world of new tonal possibilities. Metal mouthpieces are often favoured by Jazz players or soloists who need to stand out from the crowd.

Neck Plate

WO Series Neck PlateFor Overslung necks, this new plate exclusive to the WO1 and WO2 models gives a tighter, more controlled tone.

Octave Key Type

OverslungAn overslung octave mechanism is the standard system employed by most regular saxophones. It is the simplest mechanism for manufacture, and is to be found on 901, 902, AW01 and AW02 models. This system is also used on solid silver tenor models.

Octave System

Fluororesin Non-Stick MechanismAs standard octave key mechanisms can get sticky over time, Yanagisawa's flouroresin, non-stick coating ensures a reliable action with no stickiness.

Pad Type

Air Tight Waterproof PadYanagisawa's superb waterproof pad is totally air tight which allows complete confidence in the instrument's tonal integrity, plus the waterproof material offers a greatly extended pad life.

Palm Key Plate

WO Series Palm Key PlatePreviously only available on the 99* series saxophones, the WO Series' addition of the palm key plate delivers high range resonance, acoustic depth, added projection and added tonal stability.

Pivot Screws

Pointed Pivot ScrewsSpecial pointed pivot screws are used in all centre arms on Yanagisawa saxophones. These screws precisely maintain the stability of the centre arms, and help achieve a very high precision action.

Right Pinky Key

WO Series Right Pinky Key
The angle of the Right 'Pinky' key on WO series saxophones has been improved to give a smoother fingering feel.

Right Side Key

WO Series Right Side KeyThe Right side key levers on WO series saxophones now has additional feet for a better touch. This affects the Bb, C and E.

Spring Type

Blue Steel SpringsBlue Steel Spring are better than stainless steel - as used on most other saxes - as they hold tension more effectively, and therefore enhance the key action.

"Easy to play particularly the low register. Also important fo me not too heavy. Nice quality of sound with a pleasant mellow tone. "

Lindsay, United Kingdom

"Really enjoy playing this well crafted instrument. An excellent purchase."

Hannah, United Kingdom

"very good notes"

Amy, United Kingdom

"Absolutely beautiful. Plays like a dream"

Duncan, United Kingdom

"Pleased so far"

Jonathan, United Kingdom

"Having purchased the saxophone yesterday, I have to say that I am very impressed with the both the sax itself and the provided case - the backpack feature is great! With a strong tonal core, and a silky, agile playing style, what more could a saxophonist of my calibre ever need?!"

Billy, United Kingdom

"Very impressed. Plays beautifully in tune and gives more body to my sound, compared to my YAS-23."

Anthony, United Kingdom

"I tried out several saxophones before buying and I am very confident I have chosen the right one for me. The AW01 feels so easy to play, has a lovely tone and looks beautifully made. I'm delighted with my purchase, and I think the price is very good for a Sax of this quality."

Janet, United Kingdom

"Excellent! Plays so well!"

Celena, United Kingdom

"Excellent, I tried out a number of saxophone and mouthpiece combinations and opted for the AW01 and a Meyer 6M. Sounds fantastic!!"

Andrew, United Kingdom

"Amazing and so far faultless. "

Victoria, United Kingdom

"Comfortable, easy to play, good sounding horn"

Roger, United Kingdom

"It's instant and feels good and quick to respond, it's too early to praise its virtues as its only day 2. But so far no regrets I'm a happy bunny"

Malcolm, United Kingdom

"It's Great!!!!!!"

Jack, United Kingdom

"I've just practiced with it once. It's too soon to say. But what I've heard and experienced it has a great sound. I am looking forward to having a lot of fun."

Sarah, United Kingdom


Sarah, United Kingdom


Sarah, United Kingdom


Sarah, United Kingdom

"Delighted with, the appearance, quality and tone of this excellent instrument."

BarbaraAlison, United Kingdom

"Dreamy -- solid yet light and smooth. A real pleasure to play."

Christopher, United Kingdom

"I love it."

Geoff, United Kingdom

"Good mix of quality sound and key layout"

Les, United Kingdom

"Great sound"

Pieter, United Kingdom

"A beautifully crafted instrument which is free-breathing and responsive, ergonomically well designed and has a wonderful tone that is full of character."

Steven, United Kingdom

"Great sound, easy fingering"

Stan, United Kingdom

"As soon as I picked it up and played i new this one was for me. It felt so comfortable and sang"

Rebecca, United Kingdom

"Best sound and easy fingering"

Stan, United Kingdom

"After demonstrating the AW01 it became very clear that it was a big upgrade from my daughters previous model.
The sound is beautifully natural and she found that it was much easier to play.
That combined with the knowledge that it is crafted in-house in Japan was really reassuring."

Tim, United Kingdom


Christopher, United Kingdom

"Love it. Makes playing low notes much easier. Love the sound. The strap could be better. Haven't tried the mouthpiece yet. "

Rosa, United Kingdom

"It's amazing! It has an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The sound is broad and bold and it sounds like a dream when being played. Had to get used to playing it first, but after a few days, it got easier"

Olivia, United Kingdom

"Beautiful instrument. Very comfortable to play. "

Lesley, United Kingdom

"Love it !"

Elizabeth, United Kingdom

"This only the second saxophone I have ever bought, and I am really pleased with it. the feel of it, the workmanship, an it is easy to play, the sound is something I have always admired. Wish i had got one earlier."

alanjohn, United Kingdom


Lucy, United Kingdom

"Great, I have been wanting a new sax for years. Was tempted by the new Selmer Axos but tried that, a Yamaha and a Trevor James against the yanagisawa and it was the best machine. Well made and great to play. A joy."

David, United Kingdom

"This sax was by far my favourite, it scored a 10/10 compared to the other saxes I tried! It feels like a dream to play, a great step up from my other alto. I am so happy with this purchase! "

Louiza, United Kingdom

"Gives and very nice, clean sound and projects better than I had imagined compared to more expensive horns. The keys are very well made and feel just right. The finish of the gold lacquer looks amazing, especially with the hand engraving. It is perfect for what I need it for and I'm looking forward to using it for a lifetime!"

Liam, United Kingdom

"Excellent in every way. Sublime."

Bob, United Kingdom

"I love it. I've upgraded from a basic student model that I've had for the last 10 years and this is like another world. It has a lovely smooth quiet action, I can reach the highest and lowest notes quite effortlessly. It has a beautiful tone. Dynamics are easy. A joy to play!"

Anne, United Kingdom

"Beautifully Crafted, wonderful sound"

Paul, United Kingdom

"Love it"

Gerald, United Kingdom

"I love it. Beautiful sound, . Great music that I can buy to play along with. "

Jill, United Kingdom

"Having played a Selmer Mk VI tenor for nearly 50 years I am pleasantly surprised how comfortable the alto is to play. All the keys seems to be in the right place and the sound quality is very pleasing. "

David, United Kingdom

"The AW01 is a gorgeous instrument of very high quality. Notes from top to bottom of the register are beautifully clear and easily produced with little effort even for a beginner. The mother of pearl keys feel very comfortable and responsive. This is an amazing saxophone which every player from beginner to professional should try. "

Preet, United Kingdom

"It is an awesome instrument. Sounds smooth and a little dark but manages to stay bright and clear in the highs and mids with minimal wind noise. The sax is very responsive and feels nice to play."

Brynjar, Iceland

"The sound is very pleasant. I'm very happy."

Joseph, France, Metropolitan


Linda, United Kingdom

"The store facilitated trying out the right saxophone so I spent around an hour playing the AWO1 and Yamaha YAS62; I knew I would buy one but which one prior to playing. I chose the AWO1 due to it's rich, mellow tone, and thought the finish also superior. It's a fabulous alto sax.The service at was superb; I was left alone without hassle, free to play without embarrassment after 3 year lay off. I previously played a novice entry level Elkhart."

Chris, United Kingdom

"Upgraded from yas280, aw01 is Fantastic, definitely the right choice, nice warmer tone than the yas 62, such a great sax, i am over the moon with this sax."

malcolm, United Kingdom

"Really nice tone "

Verity, United Kingdom

"Lovely tone and a piece of real beauty "

Verity, United Kingdom


Bartosz, United Kingdom

"great tone"

Harry, United Kingdom

"Just beautiful, I had a Yamaha 280 first, the difference is amazing especially the overall key action which has enabled me to easily play faster pieces."

John, United Kingdom

"amazing .beautiful sax. sound is so clear. key work the smoothest and best ive tried"

stephen, United Kingdom

"V. Good"

Orson, United Kingdom

"Plays out the box beautifully. Can immediately see the quality of the manufacture - key work, solid rod support and nice ergonomic key features."

Rishi, United Kingdom

"It is proving easy to get a tune, I think its fantastic."

John, United Kingdom


Orson, United Kingdom

"Brilliant, I love it."

Ian, United Kingdom

"It's everything I wanted for an intermediate saxophone, I've been playing for 5 years"

Joanne, United Kingdom

"Wonderful light and easy to play."

John, United Kingdom

"As an upgrade from my student sax this is wonderful to play and gives me the control and sound I need for my grade8. It puts a big smile on my face."

Henry, United Kingdom

"The horn plays wonderfully! A truly spectacular instrument at a great bargain."

Patrick, United States

"Great instrument and quality. As soon as I tried it I knew it was the one for me. Even with the standard mouthpiece it blew so freely and bright."

Steve, United Kingdom

"Very pleased with our investment for our son."

William, United Kingdom

"Really great instrument, really well constructed and a great tone"

Joshua, United Kingdom

"Love it! Beautiful sound quality. Very comfortable finger positions"

Chris, United Kingdom

"The AWO1 is the ideal instrument for me, after years of playing I finally have an instrument I know I can trust when playing in front of crowds of thousands of people on a weekly basis. "

Gavin, Ireland

"Just beautiful! "

Haydn, United Kingdom

"Its a great sax well recommend u "

Arran, United Kingdom

"It's amazing! Smooth across the range, consistent tuning, comfortable under the hands and the low Bb key fits my small pinkie. Feels solidly built and robust, good tone."

Zoe, United Kingdom

"Very clear sound, and easy to blow. Keywork is ergonomic and is quiet which aids the performer to concentrate on the sound quality."

Claire, United Kingdom

"First professional saxophone purchase. Very pleased and would higher recommend."

Owen, United Kingdom

"I am very pleased with it"

Michael, United Kingdom

"I like it"

Alice, United Kingdom

"Sounds good so far"

Terence, United Kingdom

"It plays very well"

Michael, United Kingdom


Elissa, United Kingdom


Warrick, United Kingdom

"Mellow sound,beautifully made"

Tim, United Kingdom

"Lovely tone. Taking a bit to get used to the left hand position as it's quite different to my previous sax."

Josie, United Kingdom

"It is fantastic instrument that has everything that you would want in a saxophone with great sound and ergonomics, it has revolutionised my playing and I play it everyday!!!"

Gabriel, United Kingdom

"Very pleased with tone and ease of use"

Sandy, United Kingdom

"It's a great Sax. Very smooth play"

Samuel, United Kingdom

"Best saxophone I have ever had my hands on. It felt perfect for me out of all the other altoís I tried. Played beautifully. Was above what I wanted to spend, but I believe it was worth every bit of that price. "

Mark, United States of America

"I love my new saxophone, it is a step up from my old one and has allowed me to progress in both tone and ability."

Rebecca, United Kingdom

"I compared the saxophone to several others and preferred the way it felt and sounded."

Clive, United Kingdom

"I compared this to several others and preferred the weight, sound and tone"

Clive, United Kingdom

"A little early to say; but I like 'feel' of the mechanics of the instrument and the fact that all notes throughout the range speak easily - especially the lowest notes."

TONY, United Kingdom


Sheila, United Kingdom

"I love it. I knew when I first picked it up to play it was the saxophone I was going to choose. "

DEBRA, United Kingdom

"I love it. I knew when I picked the saxophone to play I was going to prefer it to the others."

DEBRA, United Kingdom

"I have only just got it, however as a novice I can feel and hear the difference to my old one."

Ian, United Kingdom

"A beautifully built instrument with a bright resonant sound. The case supplied is of very good quality also."

Tony, Ireland

"I absolutely love my Yanagisawa saxophone the tone is rich and mellow, awesome I am so happy."

Terri, United Kingdom

"Too early to say - only just been bought! My daughter chose it after trying about six other saxophones"

Andrea, United Kingdom