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AWO10Alto Sax - Brass

MRSP: £3,999.00

AWO10 - Elite Model.The upgraded replacement for the highly regarded A991 series, this AWO10 brass model is the instrument for the accomplished player. It delivers a superb tonal range thanks to a re-engineered bore and toneholes, and re-sourced and redesigned core brass material. This model also has many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key.

Key: Eb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Brass
Bow: Brass
Bell: Brass
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Brass
Neck Type: Detachable Neck
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

Bell Arm Keys

Double ArmUsing double arms on the Bell Keys, helps to keep the tone holes fully sealed by removing the chances of twisting or distortion of the tone hole cup. This in turn helps ensure reliable performance and tonal integrity.

Bell Brace

Balanced Tri-Point BraceThe bell and body are firmly linked by a three-point, balanced brace which ensures structural resiliance and firm resonance, even when fortissimo is sought.

Bell Key Buffer

Metal AdjustableThe buffers used on the bell keys are metal - and therefore offer increased longevity and accuracy over plastic - and are fully adjustable. This means the aperture of the bell toneholes are within your control.

Bore and Tone Holes

WO Series Bore and Tone HolesIn Yanagisawa's desire to constantly innovate, all new WO series saxophones have a newly engineered bore and toneholes. This helps achieve a smoother blow and even more precise intonation.

Brass / Material

WO Series Brass MaterialThe WO series saxophones benefit from a newly designed, newly engineered and specially sourced brass material for improved sound and sonority.

C# - Bb - B Keys

C# - Bb - B Rocking KeyThe C#, Bb and B keys are all connected via a rocking / see-saw mechanism. This is a unique Yanagisawa feature and ensures the easiest transition between these pitches.


WO10 / WO20 Style Hand EngravedYanagisawa WO10 and WO20 series saxophones now feature a uniquely styled, hand engraved pattern.

F Auxiliary Key

F-Auxiliary KeyThis mechanism fitted to the F-Aux key ensures a proper seal of the pads when playing in the low ranges of the saxophone.

Front F Key

WO Series Redesigned front F KeyThe Front F key on WO series saxophones has been redesigned to further improve the ease of fingering.

Key Decoration

White Shell LiningA player's fingers will rest comfortably in the indented white shell keys. The white shell also enhances the beauty of the instrument while also preventing the player's fingers from slipping during technical passages.

Key Work Mounting

Rib MountedThis is an enhanced design with the keys mounted to a rib plate which in turn is mounted to the body. This not only gives added strength to the keywork, but has the added benefit of improved resonance and tonal stability.


Ebonite MouthpiecesEbonite mouthpieces are favoured for their warm tone and ability to fit into an ensemble seamlessly. However, as players discover their own voice, switching to another style of mouthpiece can open up a whole world of new tonal possibilities. Metal mouthpieces are often favoured by Jazz players or soloists who need to stand out from the crowd.

Octave Key Type

UnderslungAn underslung octave mechanism is considered to have a much quicker, more responsive action. It is also a more complex and expensive system to manufacture. So underslung octave keys are to be found on saxophones from the 991 / AWO10 series upwards.

Octave System

Fluororesin Non-Stick MechanismAs standard octave key mechanisms can get sticky over time, Yanagisawa's flouroresin, non-stick coating ensures a reliable action with no stickiness.

Pad Type

Air Tight Waterproof PadYanagisawa's superb waterproof pad is totally air tight which allows complete confidence in the instrument's tonal integrity, plus the waterproof material offers a greatly extended pad life.

Palm Key Plate

WO Series Palm Key PlatePreviously only available on the 99* series saxophones, the WO Series' addition of the palm key plate delivers high range resonance, acoustic depth, added projection and added tonal stability.

Pivot Screws

Pointed Pivot ScrewsSpecial pointed pivot screws are used in all centre arms on Yanagisawa saxophones. These screws precisely maintain the stability of the centre arms, and help achieve a very high precision action.

Right Pinky Key

WO Series Right Pinky Key
The angle of the Right 'Pinky' key on WO series saxophones has been improved to give a smoother fingering feel.

Right Side Key

WO Series Right Side KeyThe Right side key levers on WO series saxophones now has additional feet for a better touch. This affects the Bb, C and E.

Spring Type

Blue Steel SpringsBlue Steel Spring are better than stainless steel - as used on most other saxes - as they hold tension more effectively, and therefore enhance the key action.

"Great look, great sound, played well straight out of the case when it arrived"

Richard, United Arab Emirates

" I took up playing as a hobby at a mature age and have had much improved results with this sax compared with the previous entry model and it is easier to play."

John, United Kingdom

"Couldn't be more delighted - fast response, upper register easy to reach and a warm sound - even for me! I spent the day trying out most of the alto's in the shop and it came down to just 2. In the end after some more playing the Yani edged it on just about all fronts. I worked in Japan for a while and know the quality and commitment of the workforce and this was confirmed as my final choices were both build in Japan."

Mike, United Kingdom

"Good quality and accurate intonation. Easy to blow. Consistent, well balanced, & very smooth keys."

Stephen, United Kingdom

"Very good. Warm sound."

David, United Kingdom

"It has a gorgeous mellow sound which other saxophonists have commented on. I find the keys are in the best possible positions for my fingers and the tone is lovely in both the high and low registers."

Elaine, United Kingdom

"A beautiful tone with great playability. "

Ruth, United Kingdom

"I love it! It's so easy to make a fantastic sound, the tone quality is even and open throughout the range and there's such a heart to the sound."

Naomi, United Kingdom

"I absolutely love my Yanagisawa alto Saxophone! It has got a beautiful sound and also look about it! This is my first bought saxophone and I have definitely made the right decision."

Chloe, United Kingdom

"Beautiful, lightweight, easy to play and quick keywork"

Michelle, United Kingdom

"Love it "

Mark, United Kingdom

"Fantastic! The sound is rich and wonderful and it is so comfortable to play."

Sarah, United Kingdom


John, United Kingdom

"Very good - I particularly like the ergonomics of it."

Mark, United Kingdom

"Absolutely fantastic"

John, United Kingdom

"I have just played it for three hours , but the sensations are really good and I come from a Yani TWO1, so it is not something absolutely new for me. Happy to have it"


"I like the tone and ease of moving from high to low notes. Not had chance yet to play it with my band as it was a surprise gift."

Nicola, United Kingdom

"Really pleased with good quality instrument and case. "

Sean, United Kingdom

"Beautiful, great sound and extremely light"

Victoria, United Kingdom

"Very smooth action and great sounding"

Anthony, United Kingdom

"Very smooth action, rich sounding and looks great"

Anthony, United Kingdom

"Extremely good"

Ruairi, United Kingdom

"I absolutely love my Yanagisawa AW010! After having it for almost two years I never came across any serious issues with it. Only normal ware and tear. It plays incredibly well and is extremely reliable. I've not once come across a sticky G# key unlike my friend who owns a Yamaha Ex! Every time I pick up my horn I feel confident that it won't fail and that it will give me the rich warm tone I need. Thank you so much to Yanagisawa for making such a beautiful and well rounded horn, I won't ever buy any other brand again! "

Mike, United States of America

"I am not very proficient or experienced but was lent one of these and was amazed by the enormous difference between this instrument and my original 'student' instrument. I was completely smitten, bought one for myself and am absolutely thrilled. It has a very full, rounded sound and I find it easy to get that wonderful sound from it. "

Nicola, United Kingdom

"I like it. I already have an A 990u and a T 991. Overall I find the changes from the 99s subtle. The one change I'm not sure I like is the new front F key. Its shape and proximity to the B key have led me to catch my finger on it unintentionally several times. Its going to take to getting used to, or else modification."

Steven, United States

"Its very good instrument and i want to know the years of produced."

Ali, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


stephen, United Kingdom
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